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Speaking about release grunge vibe works the best. I enjoy listening to it, I enjoy playing it even when there’re no listeners. At some point I decided it had to be my main thing in music. Also I always felt it’s important to be unique. I experiment with how to make it my own way. Hometown - Zhytomyr, Ukraine.


I’m putting together the debut EP “2Push2Relax” in 2021. It’s me(Valentyn Matvieiev) for songwriting, lyrics, singing, guitars; Kost’antyn Markochan’ for session drums; Alexander Dvoretskyi for recording, mixing at Badminton Music Studio(Kyiv, UA); Nick Zampiello for mastering at New Alliance East(Somerville, US).

We are releasing the EP “2Push2Relax” with Epictronic. The guys are professionals, they know what they do very well. 10sep2021 - digital release. 17dec2021 - CD release.

I stay open minded. I don’t know what the future holds. I may do something that I can’t tell now. The only what I guarantee is that grunge feeling.


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10sep2021 - digital release via Epictronic / The Orchard.


17dec2021 - CD release via Epictronic / Goodfellas.

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